Pull Up a Seat in Poulsbo, Washington

Attending our niece’s wedding recently, we stayed in the town of Poulsbo, WA, with a population over 11,000 and a Norwegian flavor (its heritage is Norwegian, so there are Norwegian flags everywhere). An early settler, an immigrant from Norway, actually had the surname “Paulsbo” but the pen he was writing with was kind of scratchy and so the “a” looked like an “o” – this is how the town got its name, according to the docent at the local history museum. Residents do pronounce the name as “Paulsbo.” The main street is touristy but quite pretty with interesting shops and great restaurants.

I photographed these for XingfuMama’s weekly Pull Up a Seat challenge.


Identical bright blue benches like this one were available for taking a load off all down the main drag.


We just moved and need patio furniture for our screened porch, so I briefly considered how these would look….but since we live in Illinois, I figured shipping them from Washington would be more expensive than the chairs themselves!


Lots of comfy places to sit and drink coffee or eat ice cream at a coffee shop in downtown Poulsbo.


Outside the same coffee shop, another of our nieces drinks coffee and checks social media while her sister hides herself from being photographed! (I got a good shot of her when she wasn’t paying attention!) The empty chair was soon occupied by the girls’ mom.

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