Farewell April Squares: To Top It Off…

Today is the last day of Becky’s April Squares! To top it off, I show you my favorite dessert:
Schaum torte!

If you don’t know this delectable delicacy, it consists of a meringue at the bottom. The meringue should be prepared with a depression in the middle to put a scoop of ice cream.

Then to top it off – add strawberries and/or hot fudge sauce (homemade, hopefully!)


Easter 2019: Just looking at this photo makes my mouth water!

I look forward to having this dessert every Easter, because that is when my niece Maria makes a batch of green meringues. She brings them to my sister’s house, and there, after enjoying an Easter meal, my sister brings out the ice cream and has a homemade recipe of hot fudge sauce on the stove…and a bowl of strawberries waiting for consumption!

We could not have schaum tortes this year, since physical distancing forced us to stay home and not have our traditional Easter dessert. But I look forward to next year!!

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