6 thoughts on “FPQ /FDDA: Our Tech-Driven World

  1. I also don’t have a Twitter account and don’t want one. As to the Block editor, I am road testing it, so to speak. My blog is mostly text with a few images thrown in, so it shouldn’t be that hard, but even with playing with it most of the day, there are still things I can’t find. You mentioned one: special characters like accent marks, etc. Another is that solid line across the page. I’ll keep looking and hope to find where they’re hidden. If they’re there, that is.

  2. Do you use Windows? On Windows, there is a program called charmap, short for character map, which will allow you to copy/paste any character e.g. é into a post. But it is slow.
    I normally use Google’s Translate web site, even though I know the translation, just because it gets all the accents right. Typing those things is very non-trivial on a UK/US keyboard.

    • Thanks, I will try your suggestions – probably I’ll end up using Google translator – that’s a good idea. But sometimes it’s just a name – like Sao Paulo in Brazil – there should be a tilde on the ‘a’ in Sao, but I don’t know if Google translator will translate the name of a city. What I have been known to do is write the post on Word, then copy and paste with all the special characters intact.

      • It’s embarrasing, I know, to type stull without accents when you know full well that it *dsoes* contain accents. I tell myself, “people will know” but at the same time I feel lazy.
        My language is French and I even tried installing the French keyboard in Windows, but everything has drawbacks,
        I think Sao Paolo might be a step too far for Google, too, but you never know. charmap will certainly give you an ã.

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