PPAC #3: Fire Hydrants

Cee and Marsha’s Public Art Photo Challenge is in its third week, I think. This week is Marsha’s turn, and I linked to that. If you haven’t seen other contributions, click on the link and see some awesome petroglyphs!

Fire hydrants are a good place for public art – they are necessary and they are always there. People walk by them every day and don’t look at them, but sometimes it is worth stopping!

Actually, I believe this one was in Mt. Prospect also, as are the two following!

10 thoughts on “PPAC #3: Fire Hydrants

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  2. The fire hydrants are adorable. I don’t know why I didn’t see the link last week. I’m sorry I missed it. What a fun place to walk. I bet the dogs even love them more. There are some talented artists in your area. I like the ones with the faces best. Thanks for joining us.

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