December Squares: Macy’s

Becky has a new Month of Squares for December, with the theme of time.

There is nothing so spectacular in Chicago as Macy’s (Marshall Field’s) at Christmas time! There are beautiful decorations inside and out, and there is a long tradition of families having a luncheon or dinner in the Walnut Room with the giant Christmas tree, which I posted photos of in my post CFFC: Look Closely.  Other holiday displays also caught my eye, including this gentleman sitting on a ladder next to a clock – a blown up photo of the famous clock on the outside of the building and a major identifier for the historic Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s). (There is a miniature of it on the lower left side of this photo.)
Since I did not have a chance that day to take a photo of the actual clock, here it is in a photo I downloaded from Google Images.



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