CB&WPC: Walls

The theme of Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is walls. I took most of these in Milwaukee last November.


20171108_145233 (2)

Dale entering Black Cat Alley, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


20171108_152750 (2)

At Colectivo Coffee house in Milwaukee – behind Dale is the back wall with a mural of dock workers with bags of coffee for shipping.


20171109_133349 (3)

The old Blatz Brewery in downtown Milwaukee


20171108_194627 (2)

Mader’s German Restaurant, Milwaukee


20171108_185834 (3)

At Mader’s German Restaurant, Milwaukee


20171110_102033 (2).jpg

Lobby at Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by Salvatore Calatrava



20171117_123437 (2)

Wall with microphones, Oakton Community College, Skokie, Illinois








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