Last Photo of November

Bushboy has a Last Photo challenge where he invites us to post the last photo we took that month. I took my last photograph in November at our most unusual Thanksgiving dinner! It was just the two of us, with the Thanksgiving meal delivered to us, just like every dinner is delivered to us since COVID-19 arrived on the scene. In the evening, though, we were able to talk and play games with part of our family via Zoom.

Dale at our forlorn Thanksgiving dinner. At least I tried to make it look nice with a fresh table cloth!

I sort of cheated…the actual last photo was of me sitting at this small table, but I didn’t actually take it – Dale did!

6 thoughts on “Last Photo of November

  1. Thanks for joining in even if it wasn’t the last photo lol
    Dale doesn’t look like he is going to dive in and enjoy that Thanksgiving dinner. I hope your photo is a bit more cheery. 🙂 🙂

    • You are the third or fourth person who has said that! I don’t know why he had such a glum look! He definitely cheered up later when we played games with our family members on Zoom! (Yup, my family also loves to play games! I grew up playing board games with my dad and my siblings!)

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