CFFC: Thursday Doors

Cee is recognizing other photo challenges with her series “Fun With Other Challenges.” This week, the topic is Thursday Doors. (This link will take you to Cee’s page; there will you find a link to Dan at No Facilities.)

Ravinia Festival Park, Glencoe, IL
St. Gregory the Great Church, Chicago
Somewhere in Chicago
Our niece’s house in Tacoma, WA

7 thoughts on “CFFC: Thursday Doors

  1. That’s a great collection of doors. I like the massive entrance at the top the best, but the others ar very nice. I think I’ve seen the doors in Chicago. I visited a friend there and we covered a lot of ground in a walking tour and a whirlwind driving tour. “Somewhere in Chicago” is the perfect caption.

    Thanks for joining us at Thursday Doors .

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