Thursday Doors: On a Farm in Normandy

My brother and sister-in-law use Airbnb a lot when they travel. When they decided to book a place in Normandy, France for a family reunion, they needed a place that could accommodate all of us. They found a charming farmhouse on the edge of Merville-Franceville-Plage, and booked it for two weeks – the house sleeps 16 so the fam had to do a split shift!

We went the first week (June 15-21). After getting lost and finally finding our way there with the help of a local tourist bureau employee (our GPS had no idea!), we immediately fell in love with the place – it was charming!
For Norm’s Thursday Doors this week, I am posting the (rather plain) doors of the environs of our Airbnb in Normandy, France.

The doorway to the patio.
Next to the farmhouse were outbuildings, such as a large barn, whose only use nowadays, as far as I could tell, was storage of bicycles. The barn had several doors which varied in size and shape.
The property also had an old abandoned shack and the ruin of a taller building.

The window of the shack was boarded up.
The door was extremely dilapidated but nevertheless interesting!
One of the landmarks for finding the place was a church with a graveyard at the entrance to the private road. I went all around the church, photographing the doors, all of which were locked – the church apparently is no longer in use.

However, due to its plain style and the fact that it has a rooster at the top of its steeple, I am guessing it was a Protestant church.
The church and many of the graves had a look of abandonment, although some graves were new or well-maintained. (I go crazy taking pictures in graveyards, so I will include those in a later post!) Here are the church and its doors.

I hope you enjoyed “our” corner of Merville-Franceville-Plage!


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